Sunday, 13 January 2013

Pink is the Navy Blue of India

The Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur contains one of the most impressive palaces in Rajasthan and is one of my favourite buildings in India.  It is quite simply, breathtaking.  A perfect setting therefore, for the beautiful photographs of Norman Parkinson which currently reside there in a stunning exhibition. 

Norman Parkinson was Vogue's star photographer in the 1950's and when they suggested that he went to India for a photo shoot,  he jumped at the opportunity.  He instinctively knew that the readers of Vogue would want to see not only the fashion, but also the country and so he embarked on the project with the plan to take typical western style fashion photographs whilst making sure that the colour and texture of India also played a starring role.  His instincts were spot on and the marriage of the two worked perfectly with the clothes blending in beautifully to their surroundings.  The results, which you can see below, are truly special.

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  1. so rediculously elegant! Bringing back lovely memories of India too xx