Friday, 2 March 2012

¡Feliz viernes!

Now I am no surfer chick (although I have definitely had moments when I tried really hard) so the brand Reef has never really made it on to my radar before. However, whilst doing a bit on online browsing on a slow Friday afternoon, I came across their Bella Costas shoes.

Not only do they look cool but it turns out they are part of a great cause called the ‘We Heart Guatemala’ project which Reef set up to support the ancient traditions of the Mayan highlands of Guatemala. In conjunction with Nest, the nonprofit organisation, they work with a network of existing artisanal workshops, globally, to alleviate poverty, empower women and promote peace. 
 Having travelled through and fallen in love with Guatemala, I am thrilled that Guatemalan tradition and handicraft is getting its moment to shine on the world stage.  Plus I can totally shop guilt free as this will be a purely selfless buy to support a great cause.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I can't imagine my summer feet in anything else.

Feeling inspired by all things Latin American? Me too, but instead of spontaneously booking a flight (I have been known to), get your fix by diving into a world of Ikat, Kilim and Tribal inspired goodies.

Bella Costas shoes can be found on Reef's website

All other images have been sourced from Pinterest

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