Thursday, 5 January 2012

January Blues

Happy New Year!

I think I am going to enjoy 2012, or Twenty Self as a friend of mine refers to it.  This is the year that she insists we should all be encouraged to take a little more 'me time'.  I am fully on board with this one and in the interest of me, I am detoxing, de-cluttering and de-stressing.  Pilates lessons- booked.  Wedding album- started (albeit 7 months late), carbs- banished (for now).   Repeat after me- New year, New me, New year, New me.

I can't take any more news of economic disaster, civil unrest and terrorism.  Nope, 2012 is the year to throw caution to the wind and enjoy ourselves.  After all, we have plenty to celebrate, not least the Olympics, the Queens Diamond Jubilee (4 day bank holiday weekend, woo hoo) and (assuming it doesn't happen) no apocalypse.  

So with all this positive energy, why have I titled this post January Blues?  Well, Soph and I are right in the middle of designing our new range for this summer, and with a distinct blue and coral theme (oh yes), it has got me thinking about all things blue...

Andara's beautiful blue cushions

Vintage tiles make a unique and seriously cool splash back

Besotted with Penny Morrison fabrics. Particularly the Indira Stripe in blue (as above)

LOVING Jessica Alba in this blue for last years Oscars.

This is enough to give me the blues. Please someone take me to the Maldives
(Although Andara parasol is definitely needed)

ah that's better

Got to have a sink in here somewhere. This blue and white porcelain one is stunning 

Nothing beats the January chill like an Aga

I love the painted back wall of these glass cupboards. 
A genius way of adding colour and weight to the room 

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