Friday, 26 October 2012

P-Middy style

I have a new fact of the week.  Did you know that in France in 1518 there was a 'dancing plague'?  This is absolutely true.  One woman started it, soon others joined her and within a month there were 400 people dancing in the streets, day and night, until they quite literally dropped down dead from exhaustion, dehydration, heart attacks and strokes.  

It would seem that our ability to party has gone rather down hill since 1518, until this week that is when, hallelujah, Pippa Middleton came to our rescue with a guide to help us all remember the art of being able to 'celebrate' in true British style.

Now, I'm not not a fan of P-Middy but having read a couple of pages of her new book (between the cringing), my overall impression is that her ideas are bland, bizarrely basic and well, boring.  There I've said it, and now I am going to have to put my money where my mouth is and beat Pippa at her own game.  Bring it on Halloween.

Halloween according to Pippa- lollipop studded pumpkin

Sheet covered balloons = Ghosts

Worm Jelly, spooooky

Pumpkin soup, served... in a pumpkin

Witches fingers cheese straws (actually quite like this idea but shhh.)


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