Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Summer Survival Guide

Today I am wearing Uggs.  That might seem like a fairly normal thing to do (although my husband would disagree) until you take into consideration that we are now in July and I am still wearing my winter wardrobe.  I think, cue large sigh, that it is time to accept the fact that we are simply not going to have a summer this year.  No BBQ's, no pimms, no picnics, no summer dresses, dinners outside or lazy weekends flopping in the sun.  Even more depressing is the fact that my relatively new pot plants on the roof terrace have drowned- actually drowned.  Since the only way of successfully addressing this weather problem is to emigrate, I figured I need a plan to save me from the same fate as my lavender.

So what, I ask myself, am I to do during these wet and windy summer days?  As much as it feels like it, it isn't December so curling up in front of a fire with book/ romcom feels lazy.  I don't want to go out and spend as every last penny I have is going in the 'get me out of here' holiday fund so cinema, pub, etc is out.  Instead, I have decided to go all 'Blue Peter' and get crafty.  I am not sure yet how or what I shall 'craft' but I will show you the results of my attempts.  In the meantime, a few ideas to get me going...

Bangle it up with some long, gold beads and leather boot lace to create this summer's hottest trend

Upcycle and make a bin from plaiting together old plastic bags

Create original outdoor lighting cheaply by making a paraffin lamp with old wine bottles

Or cool wall vases?

Old jars become Moroccan style lanterns with some gold glass paint

Frame designer carrier bags

Create your own 'witty' stationary

Add lace trim to a white T-shirt to instantly update your look

Add tassels your white bed linen for a fun/ summery vibe

Some antique ladles make fabulous t-light holders

Add a branch to shelves for 'designer' look with minimal effort

Paint a cheap and cheerful cork screw to brighten up your kitchen drawers.  Would also work with salad servers...

Super easy, super cheap

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