Tuesday, 15 November 2011


This time I am not writing about anything design related, nor am I going to plug our wonderful Andara products.  Nope, today I wanted to write about my fantastically talented friend, Cosima Crawley aka. COZI.  

I recently went to see her play a very small and intimate gig at The Cellar at The Worlds End Distillery.  It was, quite simply, fantastic.  Cozi co-writes all her songs which all revolve around the intricacies of human relationships.  The lyrics and the meaning behind the words are incredibly important to her and as a result, her songs are hugely witty, steeped in double entendres and brimming with powerful statements.  I encourage you to look her up asap- she is going to be HUGE.

Cozi with her two insanely talented guitarists, Ollie and Johnny

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