Saturday, 22 October 2011


Just to feed my bathroom obsession a little bit more, I have recently come across these beautiful sinks from Linkasink. They are called 'Cloisonné Sinks' and I think they are completely stunning.  Turns out that Cloisonné is an ancient art form that is most commonly used in creating jewellery and small art objects.  This art form – melting various colors of glass within copper wire design compartments – has not changed for 700 years.  Linkasink’s cloisonné sinks are authentically hand crafted at a factory in China that has been creating cloisonné objects since the 14th Century.

Raw copper bowls serve as the structural base for the sink.  Copper ribbons are bent to form the design patterns.  These cloisonné pieces are attached to the copper sink.  The areas formed by the cloisonné wire designs are filled with powdered glass.  The sink is fired in a kiln to melt the glass.  For multi-colored sinks, each color is filled and fired separately.  Each sink is individually polished by machine and by hand to create the smooth finish.

Linkasink have lots of bold colours to chose from but you'll rarely find me straying from neutral tones

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