Thursday, 8 September 2011

Oh the joys of working with Morocco

Today we are tearing our hair out here at Andara HQ.  We have been waiting for a delivery from Morocco of our very popular Jaitun lanterns and bottle holders since the end of July.  First of all, Ramadan slowed things down considerably and then this morning, just as we had given up all hope of ever seeing our stock again, we received news from our courier (a very rare occurrence so a definite jump for joy moment)...  

Turns out the reason we have only had sporadic contact with him over the last TWO months is because he has apparently started a farm.  Yes, you read that correctly, our courrier has become a farmer and completely failed to tell us.  Oh the joys of working with Moroccans!

An ass you say?  Yes, I completely agree

So to celebrate this momentous occasion of actually making contact with Morocco and to drown our sorrows at the reality that our shipment may well have more turnips than Topi candles in it, we have decided to give you a sneak preview of our new smaller, sweeter but still seriously stylish bottle holders.  Enjoy!

Seen here on a bedside table- one each!

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